About The Vegan Lady

Welcome to the world of  The Sensual Vegan Lady.

I love good food. I love good sex.

It is my hope that as we journey through this blog, you will learn or perhaps rediscover how truly important it is that our food feed our souls. Now, while feeding our own selves is important, it is more so when we are going to prepare and serve others. And that includes  feeding our families, our friends, or our lovers. Sharing food is such an intimate form of communication. We use our own hands to offer our labor of love to those we love and care for.

I will be including my favorite recipes that I have come across from others. There are a few forerunners in the field of vegan cooking and baking that are just incredible. We need to get their names and recipes out there for all to enjoy. I will also include some of my own recipes that I have come up with.

The best part of eating  a vegan diet, is that you don’t have to be a hardcore vegan to reap the benefits. Ease into it.  Just by adding a few different ingredients here and there, you will be surprised how you can make healthier choices. And eating healthier means you will enjoy a longer sensuous life too. Yes, there is a method to my madness. We all have to eat. I want us to take more time to savor our food, and enjoy the preparing of it. In my mind, investing time to prepare food, is equal to investing the time we take in foreplay, before we have sex. If you are thinking right this minute, “hummm, the foreplay in my life is pretty non existent.”  Then, I would  venture a guess, that you also don’t stop to savor your food any more either.  = ))

Eating food, having sex. These are two of the most intimate things we do, either alone or with others. We are fed and nourished by both.

Lets see if we can’t up the ante in life a little, and work on preparing better foods, and in return, prepare a better us.



  1. Kim D said

    My husband is vegan (the rest of the family, vegetarian). For my Christmas present, he agreed to try some soups in January. I love soup—making it, eating it. Husband somehow found soup as a dip, always wanting some bread, or chips, to put in it. (“A spoon”? what?)

    Like I said, as a *gift*, Husband said he’d taste some soup/s, try to enjoy the way the flavors work… (read that: the way the flavors actually can appeal to our nature/s).

    Googled “sensual soup,” found you. Thanks for the curry recommendation. Would love to have a few more…

    Food is good. Sex is good. Combining the two… WOW.

  2. thesensualveganlady said


    How fun for the two of you!

    Kim, please forgive my very late, bordering on rude – late reply.

    I hope you both loved the curry soup. It really is delicious.

    I would love to know how the soup was enjoyed. =)

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